Bjorn Staps
Fortune Flows / Stromend Geluk / 好運連連

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About the book

Aquariums are a common fixture in numerous Chinese restaurants in The Netherlands. For three years, Dutch photographer Bjorn Staps travelled around the Netherlands in search of this exotic tendency – one that adheres to the feng shui belief that the movement of fish through water stimulates energy flow for successful business and luck. Nowadays, aquariums are slowly disappearing from Chinese restaurants, as many either go out of business or change into more trendy fusion, wok or sushi establishments. The book not only visually narrates aquariums as cultural phenomena, but also documents a typical cuisine that is slowly disappearing in the Netherlands, almost unnoticed.

Book specs

Photography by Bjorn Staps
Text by Timo de Rijk and Boudie Rijkschroeff
Editing by Frank Schallmaier and Bjorn Staps
Design by Mart. Warmerdam
Publisher: 99 Uitgevers/Publishers
Hardcover, 96 p., 55 colour images, fold-out textpage insert,
Dimensions: 240 x 170 mm
Language: Dutch, Chinese, English
Print run: 600 copies
ISBN: 978-90-78670-21-6

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