As a photographer I am attracted to natural moments of people who experience life. The main characters in my images enjoy real-life moments, products or places, depending on the purpose of the photo. The work I create mostly 'slices of life', visualized in highly visually appealing images. My approach when making photographs is to put people in place, find the right camera angle and composition, and often mix the existing light with artificial light. Then I like to let go, see what they do, how they behave, and how they communicate. By being close by, encouraging them to act and allowing these moments to happen around me, I create images that make the viewer feel part of the visualized moment. I love working on location, making use of the aesthetics of the location itself and adapting to it. To make the shot look perfect, I often work with a great team of stylists, make-up artists, and models. Whatever it takes, the final image should look natural, attractive, and real.

Next to my commissioned work, I love working on long-term personal projects. As a person I have always been interested in people who are looking for a personal form of freedom, heroism and toughness. In my photography I’m therefore attracted to subjects that contain these elements. For quite some time now, I’ve been working on a long term project on rodeo culture in Europe called 'European Cowboy', which has all those elements in it. The project depicts a community of young European men seeking freedom and heroism within a lifestyle based on elements of the American West, such as rodeo bull riding. 

In addition to my personal projects and commercial photography, I am a lecturer at the Photography Department of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague, The Netherlands.

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