EUROPEAN COWBOY is a documentary project about a close-knit community of young European men who live like cowboys and practice 'bullriding', part of the classic (American) rodeo and also the most dangerous sport in the world. During the summer months, these men travel across Belgium, France and Italy to participate in local rodeos. In doing so, they risk their lives time and time again by trying to stay on a bucking bull for eight seconds. Around these competitions, the men share success and joy, but also pain and disappointment. Friendships for life develop and the bonds between them become extremely close. For most of them, bull riding is much more than a sport; it is part of a lifestyle in which they strive for a sincere and good life in which man and beast live together. In part, their lifestyle also rests on the ideal image of 'the Cowboy' as we collectively remember it from the mythical American West. We know cowboys from history books, but even more so from countless films, television series, comic books and commercials. There, the 'Cowboy' is the symbol of freedom, courage and masculinity. In 'European Cowboy', elements of this mythical cowboy are combined with the sometimes harsh reality of individual dreams, friendship and vulnerabilities of the real cowboys from Europe.