The Rockcity Rollers

RockCity Rollers: Rollerderby is relatively new in the Netherlands. The full-contact (women's) sport originated in Texas in the 1930s but became really popular since 2001. Players from Texas then decided to play rougher and wear Rock N Roll hairstyles, make-up and fishnet stockings. Since then, Rollerderby has become a true lifestyle and the sport is expanding from North and South America to Europe and Asia. The sport resembles a combination of roller skating and rugby and is played by two teams that compete against each other on an oval track. The intention of the game is that one player (with a star on the helmet) of one team, catches up with the players of the other team. The players are allowed to hinder their opponents. In addition to protection such as helmets, gloves, kneepads and bits, tattoos and Rock 'n Roll music are a permanent part of the Rollerderby lifestyle. The ladies from Holland's only real 'Rockcity': Eindhoven, make this sport a true experience full of passion, fun, spirit and friendship!


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